FlexiFax Pricing and Plan

FlexiFax is committed to offer the best value Internet faxing service. Send & Receive faxes with FlexiFax saves your time and money by eliminating the expenses of a separate fax line, fax machine, fax supplies and other associated costs. By using FlexiFax, you or your business also contributes to the "Greenification" the environment.

Send & Receive Fax   Send & Receive Fax   Receive Only   Send Only
Malaysia-wide Outbound Minutes included ?Number of outgoing faxes included in your plan.   20 minutes FREE (per month)   Complimentary 10 minutes   20 minutes FREE (per month)
Outbound Fax to KL and Selangor ?Cost per minute for sending a fax to any fax machine within KL and Selangor.   RM0.13 per minute   N/A   RM0.13 per minute
Outbound Fax to other states within Malaysia ?Cost per minute for sending a fax to any fax machine within Malaysia.   RM0.45 per minute   N/A   RM0.45 per minute
Outbound Fax to International Destination ?Cost per minute for sending a fax to International Destination.   Only RM0.65 per minute to all countries (promo rate)   N/A   Only RM0.65 per minute to all countries (promo rate)
Authorised Sender ?No of email account can be added as authorised sender.   3   1   3
Dedicated Inbound Fax Number ?You will be assigned with a KL land-line number that starts with +603 6204 xxxx.   Included   Included   None
Inbound Pages included ?Number of incoming faxes you can receive per month.   Unlimited   Unlimited   N/A
Faxes received in PDF format ?All your faxes are converted to PDF format to ensure no quality loss.   Yes   Yes   N/A
FlexiFax Control Panel ?Control Panel for you to manage your account online.   Yes   Yes   Yes
Never Busy Fax Guarantee ?Our no busy signal fax guarantee. Basically your sender will not get a busy signal when they try to fax a document to you.   Yes   Yes   N/A
Ultra Clear Fax ?High resolution fax whenever you send & receive fax.   Yes   Yes   Yes
3 months FlexiFax plan   RM38.95/mth   RM23.95/mth   RM22.95/mth
6 months FlexiFax plan   RM36.95/mth   RM21.95/mth   RM20.95/mth
12 months FlexiFax plan  
*Activation Fee Waived
*Activation Fee Waived
*Activation Fee Waived
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*Activation fee waived for 12 months package


Terms & Conditions
1 One Time account activation of RM50 for all accounts except yearly account.
2 All outgoing faxes within Malaysia are free for the first 20 minutes and thereafter will be deducted from your prepaid account. All international faxes will be based on our International Faxing Rates and will be charged to your prepaid account.
3 FlexiFax interpretation of fax pages are as follows: 1 fax pages is equivalent to 1 minute of transmission time. If the total transmission time is more than 1 minute, it will be considered as 2 pages or 2 minutes.


FlexiFax is now in Jakarta, Indonesia. Get your Jakarta Fax Number at www.InternetFax.co.id

Saves you $$ on phone line rental
Cheaper to fax via FlexiFax than local telco
Cut your electricity bill, saves on toner & paper. No need maintain a fax machine.
Send & Receive fax where ever you're, anytime
Easy and quick to send many faxes
Greener to use Flexifax than conventional fax machine

FlexiFax have given me the best affordable solution for my fax management. Now I can send & receive faxes online from work, home or on the road. I have save so much time from monitoring my fax machine & this have made it so convenient for me. I don't regret using FlexiFax service.

  jerry koh (Quote #1)

I must say it's really good & a smart choice of using internet faxing & FlexiFax gives me that.

  putri amina (Quote #2)

This new way of faxing have simplify my day. It's easy to use & it's simple to get started. My friend introduced me FlexiFax & now I save so much for my own company. I don't need to order toner & reduce on paper usage.

  iskandar ali (Quote #3)

I'm about to start up a new company & I came to know that I do not need to get a new fax machine neither an extra telephone line for the fax. This technology is awesome!

  linda ong (Quote #4)

Ever since I changed from using a conventional fax to FlexiFax,my company phone cost have reduced & my staffs no longer facing paper jam problem.

  mary j. (Quote #5)


I'm so glad that no more faxes went missing & it's really reliable using FlexiFax. I travel a lot & now I can even send out faxes through my mobile.

  tony ratnam (Quote #6)