About FlexiFax - Send & Receive Fax by email

FlexiFax is a sub division of Flexi e-Solutions (FES). FES - headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with presence in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, Kerala - India, Dallas - USA and Singapore was established in 2002 as an ICT company that relentlessly aim to simplify technology to work for businesses of all sizes.

FlexiFax is an online fax service provider that converts a facsimile transmission into a digital file that can be send and received via email. Online fax services bridge the gap between the older fax technology, which is well established in today's business environment, and email transmission of documents. FlexiFax empower YOU (mobile professionals, home office workers, small businesses and independent entrepreneurs) to operate your business more efficiently by enabling you to send and receive faxes where ever you’ve e-mail access.

Evidently with our commitment to simplify ICT, FES is proud to be technology partners of the following organizations: - Microsoft, Intel, VMWare, Eicon, cPanel, Asterisk, Digium, CentOS, Polycom, Parallels, Cisco and Snom. We are also an accredited partners of the Australian Computer Society (ACS).

Our Values & Beliefs
We value honesty, integrity, and belief in one's abilities, and accept nothing less from ourselves than to strive for excellence in all our endeavors. Nonetheless, we assure the superlative quality of our services which exceed our customer’s expectation.

We believe

  1. Our primary job is to exceeds our clients' expectations and enjoy the process.
  2. There is always a solution to a problem, if you're committed.
  3. Success is achieved by learning from our mistakes and by striving daily to improve ourselves and to learn new things.
  4. A job isn't a job if you love what you do.
  5. Always put ourselves into customers’ shoes to understand from their view, in terms of their needs, requirements and problems.
  6. Last but not least, our staffs wellness, happiness and satisfactions are very important for us, as we believe in “If the team is happy, our Customers will certainly experience remarkable service too”.


Some other great services by FES:

International faxing gone crazy!
Promo rate for all countries.


FlexiFax is now in Jakarta, Indonesia. Get your Jakarta Fax Number at www.InternetFax.co.id

Saves you $$ on phone line rental
Cheaper to fax via FlexiFax than local telco
Cut your electricity bill, saves on toner & paper. No need maintain a fax machine.
Send & Receive fax where ever you're, anytime
Easy and quick to send many faxes
Greener to use Flexifax than conventional fax machine

FlexiFax have given me the best affordable solution for my fax management. Now I can send & receive faxes online from work, home or on the road. I have save so much time from monitoring my fax machine & this have made it so convenient for me. I don't regret using FlexiFax service.

  jerry koh (Quote #1)

I must say it's really good & a smart choice of using internet faxing & FlexiFax gives me that.

  putri amina (Quote #2)

This new way of faxing have simplify my day. It's easy to use & it's simple to get started. My friend introduced me FlexiFax & now I save so much for my own company. I don't need to order toner & reduce on paper usage.

  iskandar ali (Quote #3)

I'm about to start up a new company & I came to know that I do not need to get a new fax machine neither an extra telephone line for the fax. This technology is awesome!

  linda ong (Quote #4)

Ever since I changed from using a conventional fax to FlexiFax,my company phone cost have reduced & my staffs no longer facing paper jam problem.

  mary j. (Quote #5)


I'm so glad that no more faxes went missing & it's really reliable using FlexiFax. I travel a lot & now I can even send out faxes through my mobile.

  tony ratnam (Quote #6)