FlexiFax is looking for agents / reseller / introducer ;)

Start creating an additional stream of income by joining FlexiFax Referral Program.

How it works
We love to keep things simple here so here you go.

  1. To benefit from this program, you must complete FlexiFax Referral Registration Form
  2. Once all information has been verified by our CS team, usually within 48 hours, you will receive an email indicating you are now officially a FlexiFax agent.
  3. You’ll also receive another email containing all the important information about FlexiFax Referral Program.
  4. You can start recommending FlexiFax service now. All sales referred by you from this time onwards will entitle you to the Reward stipulated below.

What’s the Reward?
You will receive 12% commission based on the nett sale figure of your referral purchase.

For example, Mr A is referred by you and he is your 1st successful referral. His total purchase is $360; you will earn $43.20 for this sale.

All commission will be credited to your FlexiFax referral account and you can withdraw it as soon as it is more than $100. We can transfer your commission directly to your bank account.


Important notes about FlexiFax Referral Program

For an account to be consider as referred to you, the account owner can do the following.

  1. Email us telling us that you introduce him/her to us
  2. Include your name in the Recommend by: field in the order form
  3. Sign up through the special URL that will be given to you once your Referral account is activated.
  4. We know at times, your friend may have forgotten to inform us that you have recommended them to us. For such cases, we are prepared to consider the account as one of your referred account if you contact us (cs@flexifax.com.my) and inform us about it and tell us the customer name and the assigned fax number or userid.

International faxing gone crazy!
Promo rate for all countries.


FlexiFax is now in Jakarta, Indonesia. Get your Jakarta Fax Number at www.InternetFax.co.id

Saves you $$ on phone line rental
Cheaper to fax via FlexiFax than local telco
Cut your electricity bill, saves on toner & paper. No need maintain a fax machine.
Send & Receive fax where ever you're, anytime
Easy and quick to send many faxes
Greener to use Flexifax than conventional fax machine

FlexiFax have given me the best affordable solution for my fax management. Now I can send & receive faxes online from work, home or on the road. I have save so much time from monitoring my fax machine & this have made it so convenient for me. I don't regret using FlexiFax service.

  jerry koh (Quote #1)

I must say it's really good & a smart choice of using internet faxing & FlexiFax gives me that.

  putri amina (Quote #2)

This new way of faxing have simplify my day. It's easy to use & it's simple to get started. My friend introduced me FlexiFax & now I save so much for my own company. I don't need to order toner & reduce on paper usage.

  iskandar ali (Quote #3)

I'm about to start up a new company & I came to know that I do not need to get a new fax machine neither an extra telephone line for the fax. This technology is awesome!

  linda ong (Quote #4)

Ever since I changed from using a conventional fax to FlexiFax,my company phone cost have reduced & my staffs no longer facing paper jam problem.

  mary j. (Quote #5)


I'm so glad that no more faxes went missing & it's really reliable using FlexiFax. I travel a lot & now I can even send out faxes through my mobile.

  tony ratnam (Quote #6)