Being a pioneer in Internet Faxing in Malaysia, we now bring you Fax Broadcasting service. We are the 1st company in Malaysia to offer true digital line (not voip or discounted carrier transmission) outbound fax transmission.

Our servers are directly connected to either TM or Time network hub and all faxes are sent out at the best quality to ensure clarify and readability. With the latest available technology, you can be sure that your faxes are delivered quickly and with the highest possible success rate.

At FlexiFax, we are confident to say that if we are unable to deliver your fax to the destination number, 99.5% of the time the error is at the destination fax machine end.


How FlexiFax FAX Broadcasting works

Phase 1

  • Complete the Fax Broadcasting Enquiry Form.
  • You will receive a quote/invoice from us within 24 hours.
  • If you agree with our pricing and terms, you may proceed with payment.

Phase 2

  • You send us the list of fax number as per the following format (download sample file)
  • You send us the document you want to transmit.
  • We will send you a test fax using the same fax engine we will use to broadcast your fax. With this you’ll know how your fax will look like at the recipient end.

Phase 3

  • You sign off a simple acknowledgement form and we will commence with the mass faxing.
  • Upon completion, we will send you a detail report of each attempt. The report will indicate whether the fax is successfully delivered to the intended recipient or not.

Phase 4

  • If the number of pages we fax out is lesser than the amount you have paid, we will refund you the balance or you may credit it to your account for the next campaign.


FlexiFax mass faxing is better.

Our Fax broadcasting service is totally managed. Our team will oversee the entire mass faxing process for you and gives you a report once it is completed. All you need to do is to give us the list of fax numbers and the actual document to fax to them and we will take care of the rest for you. FlexiFax mass faxing can even schedule your fax to be sent out starting at a specified time.


a) If you need to send 2 pages of fax to 500 recipients, total number of page count is 1,000
b) Above price is based on fax transmission to KL & Selangor (03) only. For other cities or overseas fax broadcasting, please contact us for the best price.

Additional Service
We can design your fax-advertisement for you for a small fee. 1 page advertisement that is optimize for fax broadcasting only cost you RM120

Fax broadcasting tips - how to achieve the best result / returns

Here are some tips that we've seen work well for many clients in the past!

Identify What You Are Offering... But Don't Tell Them Too Much! Before you begin to write your ad, figure out just EXACTLY what it is that you have to offer people. Examples: Financial Security, Income Opportunity, Product Only, Service Only, Employment, Coupons, etc… Make them Call You to "Get All Details Today!"

Also, you might want to highlight the features of your business. Free website included, free hosting, no selling, pays weekly, minimum requirements, cost to join (if it's very affordable!), free ads, free support, free this or free that....


Choose The Best Headline For YOU. Various types of headlines exist.

Try to match your main selling points to the different types. Examples: curiosity, fear, informative, shocking, business-professional, major benefit, etc…)

Or, maybe no headline at all is best for you. As in a "cover letter" format.

Note: the "Earn a Million Dollars in 2 Weeks" headlines don't work anymore!


Use Just 2 or 3 Fonts. In some cases, more may be appropriate; however, too much "activity" on the flyer may be hard to read for some people. Make it EASY TO READ. Two of the most commonly used are Times New Roman andArial. I like Arial Black for important information and headings. Stay away from Graphics, unless it is SMALL and MEANINGFUL. You don’t want to waste valuable text space. Use a full page. Half page calling rates no longer exist.


Use A Testimonial. A short testimonial, or two, that conveys a real benefit received from your product, service, or program can be very valuable information, particularly from a credible and recognized source. (Doctor, Writer, Sports Hero, Businessman, T.V. Personality, etc...)
"For More Information". After your brief introduction and "Teaser Ad" fax flyer have been read, there are several ways to direct people. First, you can give them more information about your business by calling:

A) a Fax-on-Demand (then hope they call you after reading it),
B) an 800# Unlimited Voice Mail Message Service (then you call them back),
C) give them an E-mail Address,
D) give them a Website Address with full details,
E) give them a Phone Number to speak to a live person!
Giving people a number to speak to a live person can double your sales!, or
F) all of the above.


Make The Contact Number(s) Predominant. The easier it is for people to reach you, the more calls you'll get!
Give Something Away For FREE! Something inexpensive to you, yet has value to others. Information is very good…a tape, a report, a newsletter, etc… Other gifts may include free shipping, a rebate, event tickets, support material, free leads, etc…


Call To Action. Let your prospects know that they must CALL NOW! in order to receive their free gifts.


Use a Disclaimer. By law, you must provide a way for citizens uninterested in receiving fax ads to be removed from your future faxes. Many states even require that this be a toll free number. (We provide a toll free number and a disclaimer for you when you use our service.) And don't send them another fax! *** We never send fax ads to numbers of people who've requested to be removed from our mailing list.


"Target" Your Message!" This may be the most important element. Why send your MLM program message to a lawyer’s office? Send it to a network marketer!



FlexiFax is now in Jakarta, Indonesia. Get your Jakarta Fax Number at

Saves you $$ on phone line rental
Cheaper to fax via FlexiFax than local telco
Cut your electricity bill, saves on toner & paper. No need maintain a fax machine.
Send & Receive fax where ever you're, anytime
Easy and quick to send many faxes
Greener to use Flexifax than conventional fax machine

FlexiFax have given me the best affordable solution for my fax management. Now I can send & receive faxes online from work, home or on the road. I have save so much time from monitoring my fax machine & this have made it so convenient for me. I don't regret using FlexiFax service.

  jerry koh (Quote #1)

I must say it's really good & a smart choice of using internet faxing & FlexiFax gives me that.

  putri amina (Quote #2)

This new way of faxing have simplify my day. It's easy to use & it's simple to get started. My friend introduced me FlexiFax & now I save so much for my own company. I don't need to order toner & reduce on paper usage.

  iskandar ali (Quote #3)

I'm about to start up a new company & I came to know that I do not need to get a new fax machine neither an extra telephone line for the fax. This technology is awesome!

  linda ong (Quote #4)

Ever since I changed from using a conventional fax to FlexiFax,my company phone cost have reduced & my staffs no longer facing paper jam problem.

  mary j. (Quote #5)


I'm so glad that no more faxes went missing & it's really reliable using FlexiFax. I travel a lot & now I can even send out faxes through my mobile.

  tony ratnam (Quote #6)