Can I port my current fax number to your internet fax service?

Unfortunately number portability is not available as yet due to restriction impose by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC)

I'm new to internet fax. How do I send an internet fax?

First, you need to sign up with FlexiFax for the online fax service. Second, you will need to scan the document you want to fax and save it on your computer (skip this step if the file is already saved on your computer). Third you simply attach the document you want to fax to the email and address the email to the fax number you're sending it to.

For example, you want to fax a document to the number 0362017000 (Kuala Lumpur), you would type in the "To" field of the email and then send your email as you normally would.

If you are faxing to an overseas destination such as Australia, you should address your email with the attachment to: +61380221122

+ – Indicate international dialling
61 – Australia country code
3 – area code
80221122 – destination fax number

The general rule of thumb here is that you will enter the fax number as if you normally would on a traditional fax machine in the front part of the email address – ie: to fax to Ipoh or to fax to Penang and etc.

Important note: It is important that you only send the email from the authorized email address. You can manage this from your control panel.

How do I electronically sign my faxes and send them back?
  1. Scan and save a digital version of your signature (.jpg, .gif or .png)
  2. Download a .PDF editor, such as Adobe Acrobat
  3. Open your fax with the .PDF editor
  4. Insert your signature image file
  5. Re-save the file
  6. Upload new file; send back as a signed fax.
What equipment do I need to use internet fax?

The only set-up required to send and receive fax is a computer with internet connection and your normal email client such as Thunderbird, Outlook, Webmail, Gmail, Hotmail and etc. A scanner is optional and only necessary if you don't already have the documents saved on your computer.

How much do you charge for outgoing fax?

Our charges is based on actual time taken to transmit the document however for avoidance of doubts and for accounting purposes, we consider 1 fax page is equivalent to 1 minute of transmission time. If the total transmission time is more than 1 minute, it will be considered as 2 pages or 2 minutes. However approximately 90% of all a pages takes less than 60 seconds/1 minute to transmit.

Do FlexiFax supports color faxes?

Currently all faxes are transmitted in black and white mode only.

Can I resend a fax?

The outgoing message should be saved in your Sent Items. You can resend it using your email client's native sending options.

What countries can I send faxes to?

Basically FlexiFax supports sending faxes to all countries. For country code and costing, please refer to FlexiFax International Fax Rates.

Can anyone send me a fax or must they be FlexiFax subscribers?

Anyone can send you a fax from their regular fax machine as you will be assigned with a normal land-line fax number.

How can someone outside of my country send me a fax?

Yes, they will send to you like how they normally would send to a normal fax machine. In short, FlexiFax service works like a normal fax machine except you receive your fax in your email inbox.

What file format will faxes be delivered in?

Your fax will be delivered in PDF format as an attachment in your email. Most computer supports PDF and it has the best quality. PDF file can be viewed with the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

How much does it cost to receive a fax?

It is always free to receive a fax (Unlimited) as long as your FlexiFax plan supports receiving faxes.

How much does it cost to send a fax?

The cost to send an individual fax is calculated based on the recipient's location and the time required to send the document. It is exactly like how your Telephone company will bill you when you send a fax.

What are the supported document format to be attached as a fax?

We currently supports DOC, XLS, TXT, TIF, PDF, or JPG format. More formats can be added upon request.


For further enquiries you may always call our helpdesk support at +603 6204 5770 or e-mail us



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